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Guess Who OCMagazine Named Their

Diva Claus - Orange Coast Mag Dec 2014

Singin' Santa & Diva Claus
Singin' Santa & Diva Claus, 2011
"They are STILL Southern California's FIRST COUPLE of
Live Entertainment!" 
Inland Empire Showbiz Council
- KS magazine Winter 2000
Singin' Santa & Diva Claus, 2011 (b)

Most Years, Singin' Santa
Writes & Performs A New, Original Holiday Song!!
Original Holiday Songs By Singin' Santa

You've probably seen Singin' Santa in movies, TV & commercials!

Santa Ric Erwin 2011

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The BIGGEST JOINT AD CAMPAIGN I've ever been featured in as spokesperson!! has also featured me in a number of customized ad campaigns:
Hallmark Santa, Recession Santa, etc...
Singin' Santa wins the much-coveted Golden Bell on 5 Minutes of Fame

St. Ric Erwin Santa Titles

Singin' Santa is also proud to have served FORBS as
  • Director-At-Large
  • International Secretary
  • National Webmaster
  • Santa SyberStore Designer & Mgr 
  • OC Chapter President / VP / Sec
  • OC Chapter Webmaster

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Singin' Santa is also
proud to serve the
International Order of SANTAS

as their FOUNDING

National Director
Providing Nearly-FREE
Web Design & Hosting To The Christmas Corps!
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